Yaya is a nexus of art, food, and community that awakens and challenges intrepid fellow-travelers.

Yaya pops up monthly in Philadelphia and New York, and often elsewhere. Aside from their monthly gatherings, Alida and Gabrielle hold private events, market walks, workshops, herbal gatherings, and offer sustainability consulting.


Gabrielle Badawy worked in design, architecture and fashion before transitioning into the food world, where she worked at Blue Hill under Dan Barber. She holds a degree in Holistic Cooking from the Natural Gourmet Institute and a Certificate in Green medicine from the NY Open Center.

Alida Borgna spent the last decade cooking between New York and Italy. She worked at Chez Panisse and Via Carota before starting her own catering company, working with clients such as Bergdorf Goodman, Jane Mayle and Aesop. She holds a Masters in Food Studies from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Piedmont, Italy.

Yaya abandons restaurant culture to practice traditional cooking methods, engage with farmers, and create spaces for people to connect, learn, and relax.